Recent GRI Projects and News:

  • Engineering design for hot-isostatic presses in radioactive and high technology applications.
  • Design, construction and demonstration of hot-isostatic press (HIP) canister filling systems for radioactive and other hazardous materials.
  • Demonstration of HIP system components engineered for handling radioactive materials for the US DOE and UK NDA.
  • HIP Active Furnace Isolation Chamber (AFIC) design, construction and testing for UK clients.
  • AFIC-S1 supply to University of Sheffield for HIPing of radioactive materials.
  • AFIC-S2 design and testing for demanding service conditions.
  • AFIC-H1 design for hot-cell applications.
  • Successful drop testing of AFIC components.
  • Development and production of advanced materials for use in extreme environments.
  • ​Concept plant design to Sellafield Ltd. for the treatment of radioactive Magnox sludges and sand-clino wastes. 

GRI Limited

GRI Limited  News

innovative solutions for challenging waste streams

  • Business focused on the engineering design and application of treatment technologies for challenging hazardous waste streams.
  • Small team with combined experience of over 70 years in the development of radioactive wasteforms, advanced materials and associated processing technologies.
  • Specialist expertise in processing, such as wet and dry mixing, calcination, drying and hot-isostatic pressing.

GeoRoc International Ltd. (GRI) is a UK company that specialises in:

  • Developing and providing optimised solutions for the treatment of challenging radioactive and toxic wastes.
  • Technology concept demonstrations.
  • The design and engineering maturation of treatment plant concepts, including plants for treating radioactive wastes.
  • Hot-isostatic pressing component technologies -  design, testing and manufacturing.
  • Consultancy services in materials engineering and radioactive waste management.