GRI Limited Team Experience


The GRI Limited Team, has in excess of 75 years’ combined experience in the development of highly flexible and affordable technologies for the production of ceramic and glass-ceramic wasteforms.

The team has experience in handling hazardous operations and radioactive materials including uranium and plutonium and the management of facilities for such operations and materials. We recognise and understand the challenges faced when designing for and operating in a nuclear facility.

Our business experience lies in:

  • Innovative radioactive and toxic materials wasteform chemistry design
  • Developing innovative concepts for the treatment of challenging wastes
  • Applying industrially mature technologies to waste treatment applications
  • Scale up of operations e.g. Calcination, Hot-Isostatic Pressing, drying, etc.
  • Process technology Integration
  • Engineering plant design for nuclear and toxic waste treatment
  • Bespoke process equipment design
  • Specialist equipment manufacturing
  • Advanced materials
  • Consultancy services
  • The management of hazardous and radioactive materials
  • The management and operation of radioactive materials facilities
  • Safety and quality systems and assessments

Track Record

GRI Limited has successfully assembled a multi-disciplinary team of world leading scientists and engineers with decades of experience within the radioactive waste treatment marketplace.

This group of specialised individuals hold the critical, valuable and rare integrated know-how of process, chemistry, equipment, supporting technologies and production required to develop the next generation of materials for waste immobilization.

With their international expertise, they hold the skills and experience to collaborate and consulting with partners to deliver total turnkey solutions for their clients.

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