We offer services in:

  • Conceptualisation, design and development of solutions for treating radioactive and hazardous wastes
  • Consultancy in radioactive waste management, waste processing and advanced materials
  • Development of innovative concepts for treating challenging radioactive waste streams
  • Bespoke equipment manufacturing
  • Development of concepts to improve existing baseline routes
  • Materials and process development
  • Test program, design, management and evaluation
  • Expert evaluation and testing analysis
  • Materials engineering solutions for extreme applications


Our Services

Wasteform Design and Analysis

The GRI Limited Team offers skills and experience in:

  • Developing innovative solutions for treating challenging waste streams.
  • Hot-isostatic pressing systems design for extreme environments and applications.
  • Integration of wasteform solutions into a realistic engineering design.
  • Development of materials engineering solutions for use in challenging environments
  • Technology maturation through Technology Readiness Assessment stages.
  • Collaborative international nuclear projects.
  • Working with international nuclear and non-nuclear organisations.
  • Management of radioactive and non-radioactive facilities.
  • Quality systems for nuclear, biomedical, aerospace, laboratory, engineering design and manufacturing.
  • Safety management of radioactive and non-radioactive facilities.
  • Project management